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ANN understands that providing security is the primary responsibility of government. ANN government will integrate security into enabling and building the “Nigerian Economy that Works for All”.



What is the Current Situation?

Nigeria faces diverse threats. These threats include insurgency, terrorism, agitation for self determination, high rates of crime and disunity. There are also related threats arising from high level of unemployment (especially youth unemployment) and poverty and the general feeling of lack of inclusion and ownership in Nigeria.

There is also the insidious threat from our failed education system. It is estimated that about 10 million of our school-aged children are out of school; and those in school are being short-changed by poor quality education that is not preparing and inspiring our children well for the Nigerian society and responsible citizenship.

We also increasingly face cyber-security threats to our economy, democracy and our entire society.

Why do We have this Security Situation?

This situation is the result of:

  • bad politics;
  • wrong policy priorities and choices not informed by credible evidence;
  • right policy-choices (in some cases) gone or made wrong due to ‘special interests’ that are in conflict with the interest of Nigeria and that of ordinary Nigerians; and
  • the vicious cycle of underdevelopment and bad politics and bad policies, that have been sustained to the point that threatens our collective existence.

How will ANN Respond to Current National Security Situation?

ANN believes that Nigeria is weakened at home and abroad by these threats. ANN will respond to these threats strategically, integrating Development, Diplomacy and Defence.

ANN government will work with all stakeholders to aggressively accelerate and integrate these three strategic complements of security, working across-government, between governments and outside of government with the private, social and informal sector and mechanisms; development partners; and allies around the world to:

  • as part of “Project Nigeria”, launch ANN flagship “Nigeria Economy that Works for All” to ensure that “The Masses, Youths and Women are in Every Policy”; and strengthening existing institutions (MDAs);
  • focus MDAs/institutions more on selected priority areas to organise sectors overseen by each MDA as indicative of institutional performance;
  • partner with States and LGs to adapt and integrate policies to provide the support for the CBN Regional Development Banks to help turbo-charge regional economies; develop local economies for development-impact on communities, states and regions; and to connect regions and the whole of Nigeria as an Economic Power-House, plugged into global markets and economy.
  • ANN government will launch the “united and inspired” programme as one of its major Domestic (Diplomacy) Policy priorities aimed at uniting all Nigerians behind a better Nigeria that is bigger than each Nigeria’s, ethnic, culture, social or political affiliations or sentiments.
  • ANN will also provide the political leadership and direction for inter-agency collaboration to gather security-relevant data to generate intelligence on social, economic, political and other indicators to inform appropriate responses.
  • ANN government will work with stakeholders and researchers to look at the evidence and the implications for community policing by consent to gather local intelligence. We will also explore the opportunities that may exist with State Police as a Service primarily that ensures that Nigerians are safe and secure while protecting our civil liberty.
  • ANN government will adequately fund the Police and other Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies. It will explore the use of technology to improve policing, police accountability and evidence. It will ensure that Law Enforcement and Intelligence Officers maintain balance between security and the protection of our liberty and democratic freedoms.
  • ANN will work with the military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the private sector to establish, finance and run a central cyber-security command to secure Nigeria’s cyber space.
  • ANN government will provide political leadership to strengthen Nigeria’s defence capacity and capabilities to contain and neutralise current threats; pre-empt, prepare and respond to threats even before they occur at home; and emerge as a first-responder in West Africa to emergencies in collaboration and coordination with civil authorities in the case of disease emergencies and natural disasters.
  • ANN government will launch “Never Again” monument, in memory of our loved ones and honour of survivors and our Military, to be housed in a legacy “Centre of Unity”, as a museum that would be fit for historical, cultural, sociological, economic and political research; and for tourism.