Alliance for New Nigeria Ogun State




Bukola Ijeoma Ogunsanwo was born in Kaduna in 1981 to a Yoruba father and an Igbo mother. She is her mother’s only girl with three other male siblings. Bukola is the sixth of her father’s ten children. She lived in Kaduna till her family relocated to Lagos in 1987.
Bukola attended All Saint Nursery and Primary School in Ikorodu; proceeded to Federal Government Girls College, Sagamu for her secondary school education. She bagged a BSc. in Biochemistry at the Lagos State University (LASU). She worked in International Trade with Wittcin Nigeria Limited in 2004 where she was in charge of the company’s sales in Nigeria and Turkey.
She experienced a turning point after she lost her father to a kidney challenge. She found out that the excessive use of painkillers to treat arthritis caused his caused the health crisis. She embarked on an extensive research into alternative ways avoid such recurrence in the lives of others. It was during this process that she came to appreciate the importance of healthy living.  In addition, she learnt about the power of “essential oils” which is the most powerful global plant-based medicine. Ever since she has built a business around using essential oils to solve health challenges. 

In 2015, she co-founded MC Herbal Natural and heads the Nigerian branch which deals in essential oils, vegetable oils and herbs as safe and natural alternatives to maintaining and restoring beauty, health, energy and great moods. In 2017, she became a certified essential oil coach by the “American Society of Drugless Practitioners”.
Bukola uses every opportunity to preach the importance of living healthy and the benefits of essential oils. She has helped a number of women to improve their lifestyle and health using essential oils.
Her passion to be a problem solver and lover of people led her into politics earlier this year. Bukola believes that it is time for selfless, visionary, dedicated and purpose-driven leaders to emerge as the new breed to take our country to the next level. She is running for a seat in the Ogun State House of Assembly to represent Sagamu constituency 1 under the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN). It is time for new wines and new skins. Enough of recycling incompetent men and women to govern the affairs of our great nation.




To see the people of Sagamu experience a better life and enjoy the true dividends of democracy 


To create policies, bills and laws that will promote gender equality, quality education, quality health and well-being, industry, innovation and infrastructure, peace, justice and strong institutions, decent work and economic growth.

  • Drive positive reforms through bills and motions that will transform lives in my constituency
  • Secure jobs and other opportunities for my constituents
  • Effective representation and accountability
  • Women empowerment, gender equality and equity
  • Invest in people
  • Every child in my constituency must be educated
  • Ensure that the peoples’ needs are met: good roads, electricity, quality education, employment, business growth